Our clients say it best!

Business Coaching Clients

“TJ is an outstanding career coach. She has provided excellent advice and challenged my thinking in many ways. TJ excels at looking at problems creatively and providing unique ideas, solutions, and recommendations to help me grow and develop my business. She is bright, articulate, positive, and supportive. TJ is one of those rare individuals who has the ability to be visionary and see the “big picture,” while at the same time manage the many details related to implementing a new idea, product, or initiative. I highly recommend her, not only in the capacity as career coach but also as someone to create and new business ideas to life.” ~ Cindy E.

“TJ, provided me with a sounding board, organized system, and well placed suggestions, helping me take my business to the next level. Thanks TJ!” ~ Justin M.

“T.J. provided an environment to help me determine, locate, and contact my prospective client. My income is up 45% over last year, and I expect it continue to grow with the marketing plan we created together.” ~ Mike B

“It had a positive effect on our revenues without cutting into our budget, it was an excellent value, and opened up doors that we didn’t even know were there – just by being aware. Plus, many of the skills learned were thoroughly integrated into our personal lives, where real change begins period. Just by being more aware of my needs, my wants, my goals has reshaped my outlook and made me more productive. Even better, I was more focused on achieving those goals and aligning myself with those who can make them a reality – instead of insisting that I do everything myself all the time.

Anyone who feels that there is something lacking in a business relationship that he perceives to be the fault or problem of the other party most likely needs to look inward first. That is very difficult, though Galileo Life Support made it relatively painless.

Business relationships can turn cold seemingly overnight – though that is not the case. There are all sorts of indicators – the barometer, the sky, the wind – all of which can be predicted fairly well by the weatherman. We can choose to listen to the weatherman (our chosen and trusted advisors) or not. Coaching has helped me realize that showing up in a tank top and Bermuda shorts after the weatherman said a blizzard was coming isn’t being optimistic that the wind will change in my favor. It is foolishness. By the time the storm is over, there is frost bite and decisions on how to treat the exposure – all entirely preventable by being aware of what is available and respecting the opinions of those who can understand the indicators. Coaching has helped me realize that the weatherman wasn’t the idiot who chose to head out into the storm unprepared, so I can’t yell at him for my mistake.” ~ Cordelia W.

“TJ Helm gave me tools, insights and skills during our coaching process…. these were given generously with compassion, clarity and humor. TJ taught me how to maintain focus in my business.” ~Marilyn M.

“I was skeptical about the benefits of coaching when I started the program. But, since I went through the process, I feel much happier, more in control and less stressed than I have in many years.” ~ Jeff G.

“Dear TJ,

Many thanks for your steady coaching over the past few months. We have very different backgrounds and skills and I initially wondered how we would do as a team. Throughout the process I have always felt honored, respected and that you flowed seamlessly with my wide variety of concerns.

During our coaching relationship you have supported me in taking purposeful action in a way that most serves me to move beyond my resistance. I have felt very comfortable with you and have appreciated your humor and gentle guidance.

Through your coaching I have realized that taking small bites can eliminate my negative expectations. I will be applying this new learning to many other aspects of my life when faced with internal resistance to doing things that don’t always appeal to me initially. Thank you for this valuable learning.” ~ Linda K.

“I have known TJ for several years and she has always been very encouraging in our conversations, extremely interested in what I am doing and how I am accomplishing it. I never thought that I needed the services of a coach since my business was growing in leaps and bounds and I thought I was doing everything right. I am a caterer and do not have time for much more than bookings, cooking and completing events.

TJ offered me a free consultation to better my skills and I accepted. After all it was only a ½ hour of my time. As it turned out, we spent 1.5 hours talking about not only my business and all the things that affect my life. A wake up call – right how about my goals, my marriage and my business! Reality check!!!!

When the timing was right, after only friendly reminder calls from TJ – no pressure – I was ready to go ahead with the transformation process. TJ leaves no stone unturned. Everything you do in life affects everything – your goals, your marriage and your business/career. TJ opened up many different avenues for me, some painful to talk about, but once out in the open, helped me realize what I was missing out on/could be doing better in/building my business to greater heights. How can you portray to others your success if you do not feel like you are a success in all facets of your life. You do not need to compromise any of your feelings or ambitions to please others but in turn be happy with yourself and your surroundings and adjust your persona but to deal with others and your surroundings positively.

What “Do life” “DO LIFE BETTER” and TJ can make that happen for sure.” ~ Su Y.

“TJ Helm has helped me see some of the areas I need help in to become more successful in my business. Her style is easy-going, but she keeps on asking the tough questions that I need to deal with. Her enthusiasm is beyond “Z”, and is always willing to help however she can.” ~ Glenn C.

“Terry has opened my eyes to see that I had issues hiding that were causing a great deal of grief in my life. In the short amount of time that I have been meeting with her, she has helped me be more assertive and balanced. She also showed me how to have more control in my life through my own thoughts.” ~ Becky K.

“TJ is another Dr. Frankenstein – she’s created a word monster. Someone who has chosen a better road to travel through actions and words.” ~ Doug R.

“TJ Helm demonstrated exceptional skill in assessing potential improvements for me. I am definitely empowered by the breadth of knowledge that she shared with me.” ~ Debi C.

My decision to hire TJ Helm as my coach was probably the best business decision I made in 2003. TJ has been helpful in helping me to see many of my shortcomings that were preventing me from reaching my goals. Her style is non-threatening, firm but friendly and tactful. Her advice is sound and she has a wealth of knowledge. I would recommend TJ to anyone!” ~ Glenn C.

Business Training Clients

“This class facilitator was contageous! Reviewing my values wil be helpful in my next stage of business.” ~ Becky L.

“This class helped me realize I need a purpose when trying to make a sale. I’m taking home some great information that I never would have thought about. I have a better understanding of how to market my business.” ~ Crista M.

“TJ was able to pinpoint problem areas that I have in my business practices/marketing and was able to give me solutions to those problem areas. There were several key points that I can and will act on immediately to improve the efficiency and the overall effectiveness of my marketing efforts.” ~ Eric K.

“Thought povoking – made me think about my values and how I apply it to my business.” ~ Dave K.

“Thank you again for speaking at the Beaverton Chamber Roundtable yesterday. You are a superb public speaker with a wealth of information.” ~ Steve A.

“TJ is a very effective and entertaining speaker. Her ability to create pictures with words makes even complex ideas clear and understandable. TJ captures your interest and carries you along as she delivers her message and a 45 minute talk seems to take no more than 15 minutes.” ~ Rich H.

“Both of the leaders were professional, personable and willing to share experiences and wisdom.” ~ Tamara M.