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Welcome to your team!

Hi, I’m TJ Helm and the founder of Galileo Professional Services, Inc. For those of you who know me, you know that I have multiple personalities. Which comes in very handy when marketing and coming up with creative ideas for my clients. Unfortunately, I only have one body, so even I can’t do everything. That’s why I have valuable, quality resources who I call upon when needed. Read on and find out who I am.

The Entrepreneur

TJ Helm, also known as Terry Jo Helm, is a Certified Professional Coach, founder of Galileo ProfTJ The Business Owneressional Services, Inc., and creator of the Business Builder’s Clinic. Her background includes over twenty-two years in the Information Technology industry and over twelve years in speaking, training, and coaching to help others conquer real-life issues.

Having traded hi-tech for hi-touch, TJ has a wonderful ability to connect with and delight participants, and has worked with individuals and organizations in various industries.

In 2009, 2010, and 2011 Galileo Professional Services won the Best of Hillsboro Business Management Consultants award. GPS is also the business of choice for North Carolina’s EAP program.

The Coach

TJ Helm received her Certified Professional Coach certification through the International Coach Federation accrediteTJ The Coachd program from the Academy for Coach Training in Bellevue, Washington.

TJ has personally coached her own husband to ensure that her agenda stays out of the coaching relationship.

She has coached over 300 clients for over 2000 hours of coaching. She specializes in business building, sales and marketing, career building, professional development, and personal success.

The Speaker/Trainer

TJ Helm has been involved in training and program development for over 22 years. First in helping individuals getting thTJ The Edu-tainere most out of their software to helping individuals getting the most out of their life and business.

She has put together such programs as “Stress Will Make You Stupid – How to Stay Smart”, “Motivation for the Procrastinator”, “How to Set and Achieve Your Goals”, and “Powerful Communications for Strong Relationships” just to name a few.

She is also sought out for her computer skills to help her clients use their computer for the specific uses that will make their life easier.

The Office GuruCompilation-150x150

Without a well run office important things can fall through the cracks. TJ Helm is the best. She automates where she can and eventhough she’s only one person, she gets the work done of an entire team.

TJ knows her limitation and has compiled a great set of resources to help do the things shecan’t.

Your Team Doesn’t Stop There!

OK, OK, so now you know I’m a one-woman shop. My forte is coaching, speaking, and training. That’s why I have compiled and surround myself with a great set of resources to help do the things I can’t. Because, you know, you can’t have enough chocolate, good friends, or great resources!

All of our CustomerService1-150x135Trusted Associates have been specifically chosen for their integrity and expertise. You can be assured that when they’re representing Galileo Professional Services, Inc. you’re getting quality!

Want to be amoung our Trusted Associates? Contact us at for information.