Celebrate Successes

We as human beings tend to dismiss and diminish our successes, achievements and accomplishments. When we do this, we do ourselves a great disservice.
With each accomplishment comes with it the ability and support to take on greater challenges and goals for even greater success.

We can use our past success to give us strength and hope of accomplishing the current challenges. By drawing parallels between those parts of the current challenges that are similar to what we’ve achieved in the past we see that the true new challenge is quite small.

When we are faced with just a small challenge, we more easily decide to “go for it”. And with every challenge successfully achieved, we are armed with the encouragement to go for more challenges.

The more we achieve, the more we are willing to risk, the more we risk the more we get, the more we get the more we risk; thereby, getting more and more fulfillment and satisfaction out of our lives.

To take a line from the lottery, you can’t win if you don’t play and you can’t achieve if you don’t strive.

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