Common Mistakes That Zap Morale

Have you ever noticed how low morale is at so many companies? Why is that? It’s because the same mistakes are made over and over again, not just by the managers but by employees as well. Here is the single most devastating “morale zapper” that everyone needs to be on the lookout for:
Assuming: We’re notorious for assuming information not yet in evidence. This destroys trust and in turn, morale. Employees at all levels, whether supervisors or not, suffer from this ailment. The cure: ask questions, get clarification, and know before acting. Assuming takes on many guises and isn’t always easy to see.

Assuming Expectations: This is where we assume what is expected of us either on the job or for a specific task. We also tend to assume that just because something is clear to us, it’s also clear to the person with whom we’re working or communicating. Again, asking questions and providing clarification will come in handy in these situations.

Assuming Feelings: This is when we assume someone feels a particular way without really knowing. This causes too many problems to even list here. However, asking clarifying questions will help alleviate this morale zapper and give others the chance to really be heard and felt.
The most powerful weapons against the “morale zapper” are to ask questions and get clarification.

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