Employer Or Client

Have you ever been looking for a job with the thought you just had do get the job? If you answered yes, you aren’t the only one. Thinking we’re at the mercy of the company and the hiring supervisor has a negative spin on the whole process. Wouldn’t it be great if job hunting or even job keeping was a more positive and enjoyable process?
Here’s something that might change your view. What if you looked at a job, an employer as an opportunity? Not just an opportunity but view every employer as a client and you an independent contractor with services to provide.

In the employment atmosphere today there is no security, no long-term contract that allows you to stay with one company from graduation to retirement. Why? Because the company needs to grow to provide the best to its clients and you need to continue to evolve to provide the best for you and your family.

Considering yourself your own boss looking for a client who will pay the best price (dollars, location, hours, benefits, and etc.) for the valuable services you offer will open the employment arena. This way of thinking doesn’t require you to have your own business, or to be an entrepreneur. It does require you to rethink your current employment status.

If your boss were your client, how would you treat him? You might be better at reinforcing your boundaries or changing the quality of your work or how far you were willing to go to retain this client. Employer or client how you view it is up to you.

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