Get Seen – Networking Made Simple

We got to define our ideal client profile for each service/product we offer. That way we know what audience our commercial needs to attract. We described our client geographically, demographically, psycho-graphically, and ego-graphically.
Wellness Programs
Talked about micro marketing messages, the technique was used in the presidential elections. Specific messages to specific audiences so it’s more personal and weeds out those you don’t want to work with. You market to a group but you sell one on one so the message needs to be very personal.

Developed our “problem” statement and the solution we provide in terms of our ideal client; keeping in mind the 5 main symptom categories any problem falls.

We learned about the different styles of the 30 second commercials and walked away with 5 different ones to go a networking with.

We concluded with how to get away from those people who want to monopolize your time at networking events.