Marketing Networking and Positioning

Sounds like someone is about to start a new business, doesn’t it? Not necessarily.
These tough employment times call for unique strategies. However, these strategies are not new, we’ve just never thought of them as employment strategies.

Take a few pages from the business owner’s book to make your career life just as successful as a well-run business.

How are you supposed to use these in your career and employment realm? Here are suggestions that business owners have known and have been using for years.

Market yourself. You are your own product and you have many assets to offer your customers and right now your customer is your current or potential employer.

Network. Join organizations to let others know what assets you offer. Since out of sight means out of mind, be consistent with the activities and organizations you attend. You never know when someone might be looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Position your product. You make purchases based on quality, price, availability, efficiency, need, and desire. Determine the position you want your product and yourself to be known for, and then make it known.

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