The Most Powerful Tool

Have you ever achieved something that you really wanted and it worked so well you wanted to repeat the process, only you didn’t know what the process was?
Vision 2
While there isn’t a magic bullet that allows you to easily accomplish any goal any time you want, there is one thing that will tip the scales in your favor.

Vision. Just think about it, before anything can be created, there was a thought, a vision about it. It’s difficult to create anything you can’t see. And seeing doesn’t have to mean with your eyes. See what you want with your heart, as if you’ve already accomplished it.

Once you’ve gotten the picture of your dream, start filling in the details. These details make this yours.

The more vivid you make your vision and the more details you give it makes it real and really yours.

After you’ve got the picture clear in your mind, use visualization techniques to anchor the vision and give you the emotional attachment to what you want.

Vision and visualization are key to getting you that much closer to your dreams.