Promoting Others

It feels too pushy – too much like selling
Business Owners
No one wants to be sold to but everyone wants great services and products. No one wants to be pushed into using a suggested resource either. This goes for your fellow networking members, too. Here’s the good news: you can feel great about NOT selling or pushing your networking members on to your clients.

All you need to do is offer the resource. If you offered a client a plate of crackers, say you had a plate of Ritz and Saltine crackers; it wouldn’t matter to you whether the client took a Ritz, a Saltine, both, or none. You have no vested interest in the crackers; the decision is completely up to the client. But it is up to you to offer. It’s easy sometimes to get tied to the outcome, and then sabotage your efforts.

Put your resources out there like a plate of crackers, no push, no sell, just an opportunity for your client to get additional help. When you support your client past those services or products you provide you become the hero and the first person they call regardless of what they need and the first person that comes to mind when a friend needs help.

Not bringing it up

There you are having a great discussion with a client, or you’ve just finished up on a job. You want to let them know you have additional resources available but you don’t know how to bring it up.

Your fellow networking members are great resources and you want to be able to send clients to them. There are a number of reasons for wanting to refer your organization’s networking members to your circle of friends, clients, and associates.

  • You can build the reputation of a business associated with value
  • You can increase your visibility and credibility
  • You want your client to know you as the “go to person”, the one who has help for whatever need they have

There may be endless ways to bring up the subject of additional resources. However, there is only one way for you to do it and that’s your way. If you don’t feel comfortable with how you are incorporating the subject into your discussion then you’re not doing it the right way for you. It is most important that you have a method that fits your style.

If you have trusted resources that you want to promote create a script to go along with your process when you finish up with a client. You can develop “power phrases” that fit with your style and can be used anywhere with anyone.