Resources are power.
Tug of War
Knowing the resources you have available for your client is a powerful position. Utilizing these resources to help your clients is a great way to add value to the value you already offer your clients. If you aren’t referring your fellow networking members as much as you want or can is that it could be that you have not committed your resources to a place of prominence in your own mind.

Starting with a solid resource list is crucial. Not only do you have a list of networking members you also have resources that aren’t members. However, not everyone you meet or even do business with is worthy of an introduction to your client. You have to be as confident in your resources skills as you are in your own. Otherwise, you won’t be willing to refer them to others. You never want to refer a client to a resource whom you have doubts about, their poor performance could jeopardize your relationship with your client and those your client knows.

Your relationship with your client elevates you to the status of trusted advisor, you don’t want to damage that by putting them in the hands of people who don’t provide the standard of service you do.

A solid resource list is the start to a more valuable relationship with your client. You will be in a position to extend what you do for your client through your resources. This increases your reach past the client. When you increase your touch you increase your and your company’s visibility and credibility.

Once you have your “team” of trusted resources defined, commit it to memory. Refresh and review your team often. Never leave your office without taking your team with you. With your team with you there isn’t anyone you can’t do business with.