How To Set Achievable Business Goals

This was a great workshop. We started with what the attendees wanted out of workshop based on their specific issues.

Mostly business owners want to know how to achieve their goals:

  • How to determine a “plan of attack”
  • How to set a time line
  • How to break the goal down to manageable chunks
  • How to balance making progress on the goal while managing everything else
  • How to consistently achieve the goals you set

These were great things they wanted to cover since that’s what the workshop was all about. We started out with The Story of Sam and Fred, a short story about success and failure. From the story we get the success equation: Values + Want + Work = Success.

It’s most important to recognize where the motivation for achieving the goal is coming from (either from within or without). You either have the motivation to accomplish it or you have the outside support structure in place to assist you in achieving it.

Having a clear picture of your goal as it will look when achieved is critical. This is where affirmations and visualizations come into play. We discussed how to construct powerful affirmations and how to reinforce them. Affirmations partnered with visualization are the single most powerful tool for changing behavior and achieving goals.

Guidelines for goal setting:

  • Conceivable – you can think it
  • Believable – you believe it for yourself
  • Achievable – you believe you can achieve it
  • Specific – leave no room for confusion or speculation
  • Measurable – quantifiable how much and by when
  • Definite – no turning back
  • Desirable – it’s something you want to do
  • Controllable – it’s within your control
  • Friendly – won’t hurt others

We further discussed how to reprogram your thinking so you can start having the internal dialog that will support you achieving the goal. Techniques for stopping the negative self-talk and the limiting beliefs were explained. Align your thoughts with the person who will achieve this goal.

We finished up with the “Action” step. You can think about something forever but until you add action nothing will happen. It’s like cooking stew, you can have it all put together in the pot but until you turn on the burner, no one will call it good.

The biggest battle you will fight is the one between the ears.

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