Set Goals, Achieve Results

If you’re like the rest of us you’ve set goals and sometimes you’ve achieved them and sometimes you haven’t. The problem is that you don’t know why sometimes you’re successful and others you’re not. The process is just not duplicate-able. If it’s not duplicate-able how can you guarantee success? Well, never fear, you’ve just been missing the secret ingredient.
This secret ingredient isn’t something mysterious and isn’t something that you have to dig for, you’ve had it with you all along. It’s your values. Values are our internal motivation. And you know that it’s far easier to accomplish something when you’re motivated.

Take the value of organization some people are and some aren’t. The value is not something you strive for, wish for, or hope for. The organized person has no choice but to be organized. It is part of who they are. Values are as intrinsic to us as our eye color. No one asks you why you have the eye color you do and you don’t justify it. They are what they are.

The secret to be successful in every goal you set is to set goals that are in alignment with your values. Once you identify your values and determine which values support which goals you’ll have a blueprint of which goals you’re sure to achieve.

However, as with everything, sometimes you’ll have a goal that you know you should achieve but it’s just not supported by any of your values. Take the goal of being healthy. Intellectually, you know you should be healthy but unless you’re a personal trainer chances are the “healthy” goal isn’t supported by many if any of your values. Does that mean you can’t have that goal? Not at all. Just because a goal isn’t supported by your values doesn’t mean you can’t take that goal on as your own. There is a very important additional step you have to add to increase your chances of success. That is a support group.

A goal supported by your values will be accomplished because you bring to the table the internal motivation to accomplish it. You still need motivation to accomplish a goal that is not supported by your values. That motivation comes in the form of people, books, tapes, internet support, spouse, you get the idea.

Sometimes the goal isn’t support by your values, but the outcome is. For example, you need to close the books for your business but it’s a tedious and time consuming process. The “closing of the books” my not be supported by your values. However, once the books are closed, you have the information to analyze how well your business is doing, what resources are available for what ventures, and the like. The result of the task can be just as motivating as or more so than the task itself.

The recipe for a successful goal is:

  1. Determine the goal
  2. Identify your values
  3. Associate the values to the goal
  4. Establish motivation (from within yourself or from others)
  5. Achieve your goal