Staying Positive

Have you noticed how difficult it can be to stay positive? However, positive thoughts and actions lower stress and can boost your efficiency.
Keep these in mind when your circumstances get you down:

Look on the bright side. When mishaps occur, react with optimism. Reaching for the silver lining in situations that don’t go your way helps you to see the opportunities that would otherwise be lost. By not turning setbacks into catastrophes, you can avoid episodes of stress or irritation that distract and derail you from accomplishing what’s really important to you.

  • Find the humor in sadness and in situations that are less than optimal. When you maintain some levity even when you’re bombarded by crises or struck by tragedy, you become more resilient. Appropriate humor will help you set aside the doldrums so you can focus on positive action.
  • Above all, set an example. Just pretend that someone you admire and respect is watching how you are reacting. It’ll change how you respond.

Put these in your toolbox and pull them out whenever circumstances provide the opportunity.