Stress Management Tips

You can’t escape it, there will always be plenty of opportunities for you to be stressed. Take back your power and control. Use these tips to help manage your stress. If you’re still stressed and at a loss of what to do, give Galileo Professional Services a call and start getting that stress tamed.

Stress Management Tips

By TJ Helm

Whether it’s coming up on the holidays or deadlines, stress is ever lurking. The bad news is that there will always be plenty of opportunities for you to be stressed. The good news is that you are in control of your stress. You heard me right, you get to determine how you’re going to handle your stress or even if you will be stressed. You have complete control over your thoughts, feelings, actions, and emotions. And whether you consider stress a feeling or an emotion, you have control over it.

For your entire life you have allowed your feelings and emotions to dictate how you react, when all along you have the power to not let your emotions have a vote. Though sometimes allowing your emotions to run amok can be “fun”, they rarely have your best interest in mind. You don’t have to give in to your emotions, if you don’t want to.

If that’s the case, how do you control your stress? Good question. Before you can begin to change your response to stressful situations you’ve got to know when you’re stressed. Pay close attention to what your body does when you feel stressed. Do you clench your teeth; get a headache over your right eye; ball your hands into fists; or spew words like a sailor? What are your physiological clues that you’re under stress?

Once you know what to be on the look-out for you can then begin to change your stress level. It’s a simple three step process but it takes practice.

1 – Recognize that you are experiencing stress
2 – Determine how you want to “feel” about the situation. Ask yourself: What is the benefit of “feeling” that way?
3 – Choose to and allow yourself to “feel” that way

Here’s an example: The traffic is just horrible, you’re running late and your body is indicating that you’re stressed. What’s the benefit of feeling stressed? If there isn’t any, then choose a different feeling, such as: happy to be on your way; glad you’re not driving like the idiot in front of you; excited about the sales meeting you’re about to have.

You’ll be amazed at how wonderful your life can be when you release stress and choose how you want to feel about anything and everything going on in and around your life and business.

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