Time the Four Letter Word of Today

Time, who has it and who doesn’t want more? Granted, a day is 24 hours long, but can’t we make them just a little bit wider to get all those things in that keep slipping off the radar?

Nope, it’s not making the days longer, wider, taller, or higher; it’s how we spend our time that counts. Here are some techniques for getting more in your day and out of your time.
Commute: Most of us spend more time in our cars on the way to and from work than we ever thought possible. So when in the car, listen to a book on tape or learning tapes. It’s amazing what you’ll have to discuss around the “water cooler”.

Desk Support: Buy a rubber stamp with your return address on it and buy stamps in quantity. Save your handwriting for a special note.

Phone: Don’t be a slave to your phone. Use your phone as a tool and answer it when it works with your schedule.

Grocery Shopping: The mid-week pit stops for forgotten items take an enormous amount of time. Make a shopping list of all the items you regularly purchase and make copies of it. You and family members can check off what’s needed for the week or add special items.

Give these tips a try and save your time for you.