The Intentional Relationship

We make a list to buy groceries, we make appointments to go to the doctor or dentist, and we make plans to go on vacation yet we never take the time to plan to have a conversation.

One of the reasons we don’t plan is that we don’t know how to plan to have a win-win conversation. We are taught by example from our parents, supervisors, friends and family. Given our examples it’s trial by error. Sometimes it works and most times it doesn’t.
When it works we don’t know how it happened to be able to repeat it and when we don’t have successful conversations we feel defeated.

OK, so you now know that you don’t know how to have successful conversations, what good does that knowledge do you?

This is where we give you a process to have powerful communications, planned conversations, and strong intentional relationships. Now is the time to think of the strategy you want to employ to have a win-win interaction.

  • Reason: The outcome / result you want; the purpose for the interaction
  • Event: The setting; where the event is being held, who’s attending, the purpose of the event, the purpose of you being there
  • Style: The personality style(s) involved; the type of person you are and the type of person(s) with whom you’re dealing
  • Path: The best course of action to take for the outcome you want with the person(s) involved.
  • Engage: Follow the path, take the action
  • Compromise: Listen to the person(s); what are you willing to do to make the interaction a win-win
  • Thoughts: The thoughts you are having before, during and after the exchange; positive thoughts yield positive results.

By consciously going through the RESPECT process, you’re emotions have a chance to “cool” before you engage in the interaction. This is a very good thing. Follow this process for win-win relationships full of satisfaction, prosperity and respect.