Whats Language Got To Do With It?

Believe it or not words have power. And just like a chain saw, the words you use can inflict damage or accomplish what you want.

We’re not just talking about the impact you have on others when you speak. Rather the impact you have on yourself and the result you leave behind.

Words: should, try, but, never, always, have to, need to. Looking OutThese words leave you in the state of the victim. Replace these words with the words: choose, intend, and, want to, choose to. These words leave you standing powerful in your own strength.

It’s like the King and the Court Jester. The King has all the control over whether he’s going to be happy and laugh at what the Court Jester does. The King has given the responsibility for his happiness to the Court Jester.

Now what happens to the Court Jester when the King chooses not to be happy regardless of what the Court Jester does? Well, it’s either you’re fired, or more than likely, “Off with his head.”

So don’t lose your head. Put the responsibility where the control lies. That’s with you, your powerful word choices, standing in your own strength, and being King of your own happiness.