Professional Development

The Monarch Plan - One on One Professional Coaching

The Monarch Plan has 5 different options indicating which features are included in each option. This allows you to choose the option with the features that would best serve you. If you have any questions, please contact support at

You can cancel any option within 14 days if you're not getting any value.
Program FeaturesPlatinumGoldSilverBronzeFlint
Life Stage PlanningXX
Priority PlanningXXXXX
Identify and Address Limiting BeliefsXXXx
Specific Action StepsXXXXX
Additional Tools and/or Resources to Achieve Your ResultsXXXXX
Communication TrainingX
Stress Management TrainingXX
How to Set Goals TrainingXX
Access to Coach Inbetween SessionsXXXXX
Learning Recap to Maintain MomentumXXX
Private Communication Area (Client Portal) XXXXX
Private Coaching Sessions12 - 1 hour sessions12 - 1/2 hour sessions8 - 1 hour sessions4 - 1 hour sessions4 - 1/2 hour sessions
Paid in Full Investment - Receive 15% discount1 Payment of $1,521.33

1 Payment of $760.67

1 Payment of $1,014.22

1 Payment of $774.00

1 Payment of $387.00

Installment Investment
(automatically charged each month)
6 Payments of $298.30
3 Payments of $298.30
4 Payments of $298.30
2 Payments of $387.00