How Effective Is Your Vision?

You’ve been told about the importance of “vision”. Friends, family, counselors, and most everyone you’ve encountered has been helpful enough to enlighten you about the importance of a “vision”.

What they don’t tell you is how to create a vision and characteristics a vision needs.

Following are the six characteristics that make your personal and professional vision effective.
Your Vision has to be conceivable. It has to convey a clear picture of how you want your goal, once achieved, to look.

Your Vision has to be desirable. It has to represent your desires, goals, and future. Not someone else’s that you think you have to have because they say so.

Your Vision has to be achievable. It has to be built on realistic, believable goals.

Your Vision has to be focused. It has to be clear enough to provide guidance in your decision-making process.

Your Vision has to be flexible. It has to allow for creativity and should allow for alternatives given changes in your situation.

Your Vision has to have a voice. You’ve got to be able to communicate your vision concisely in five minutes or less.

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