Spring Cleaning

Well, it’s that time of year again and yes, cleaning out closets, files, and garages will yield beneficial results, what we’re talking about here is a different spring cleaning. How about cleaning off your attention units? Picture, if you will, a coat rack with six coat hooks and each hook is an attention unit.
Everybody Needs Help
Now, let’s take a look at what all you might have on your attention units taking up valuable mental energy: work issues, kids, spouse or lack of spouse, house maintenance, family issues, relatives and their needs and wants, car maintenance, grocery shopping, taxes, personal goal, projects at work, projects at home, things that need to be fixed, filed, or thrown out, career goal, phone calls, doctor’s appointments, dentist, car renewal, lawn work, exercise, kids homework, parent / teacher meeting, etc.

That’s an awful lot of “stuff” taking up your attention. The list contains twenty-four items, with only six attention units, which translates into four per unit. That’s way too much going on, at this rate you wouldn’t have enough attention units to clear off any units to use for your specific goals to move your life closer to where you want it to be.

Take a look at what’s taking up your attention. Is it where you want to be spending your time and mental energy? Ideally, you want at least one to two attention units clear so they are available when you have an emergency, crisis or want to work on a specific goal or goals.

You will always have many more things to do than you have time. Even if you finished everything you could think of to do by the end of the day today, tomorrow there would be more for you to do. You can do it all, you just can’t do it all right now.

So, how do you clean off some attention units? Delegate everything you want to accomplish to a list, one list that holds everything on your “to do” list, this way nothing will get forgotten and you can get it out of your mind. Pick a few key things from this list on which to focus your attention units. When you’re done with those, go back to the list for a few more, always keeping a couple of attention units available for those inevitable emergencies that creep up.

Do a little mental spring cleaning today and have mental energy available for you to direct where you take your life.