What’s Stopping You?

Procrastination. Even the word is off-putting. What makes us so willing to put things off until some event takes place to propel us past the block and through the task?

Procrastination is probably the biggest time waster. Putting off the inevitable until you’re face-to-face with the deadline, causes the highest stress level, and results in managing time by crises.
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What causes procrastination? Here are a few reasons behind why people procrastinate.

  • Perfectionist. Perfectionists won’t complete tasks unless they can do it perfectly.
  • Overwhelmed. People become overwhelmed when they don’t know how to do something.
  • Dissatisfied. Unfortunately, the tasks that need to be completed are not always the ones we like to do.

Now you know, what do you do? Consider the impact of putting off the task.

If you fall in the “perfectionist” category, ask yourself if the time you’re spending on a task is appropriate to the task. When overwhelmed, break the task down into “bite” sized parts. And for the dissatisfied, consider the consequences of not doing the unpleasant task.

Weigh the benefits and the ramifications of procrastination. Do you really want to mortgage your future, now?