How Are You Coming On Those New Years Resolutions

We’re a month into the new year and as most of you have been working on your resolutions. How is that going? For some, not a problem, life is good and progress is steady. However, for the most of us, it’s already started being a struggle. We’re starting to question why we set this as our goal, or we start to wonder if it’s really all that important to us. After all, if we really wanted to achieve it, we should be able to. Right?
Balance Stones
Well, that’s not entirely correct. Yes, if we really want something it can make it easier to get, provided it’s in alignment with who you really are. Setting goals that are in alignment with your values, gives you the internal motivation that you need to help you achieve your goals.

Take a moment to define your values for yourself. A technique for determining values is thinking back on a time when life was good, things were going well and everything was going your way. Say, your image was one where you were interacting with people, achieving a project, having fun. The others on the project were easy to connect with and spirits were high. Well, from this image, your values could be: accomplishment, fun, community, comradeship, humor, and energy. So, the goals that you would easily achieve are those supported by these values. Values give you the internal motivation that makes goals easier to achieve.

Does that mean you can only choose goals that are supported by your values and in alignment with who you really are? Not at all, it just means that you need external motivation. You would tip the scale of success in your favor if you were to find external support and support that helps you to achieve your goals. This external motivation and support can come in the form of a trusted friend, family member, counselor, consultant, or coach.

Whatever form it takes, make sure the support has your own best interest at heart. This may be difficult to discern. This is because most friends and family members believe they have your best interests at heart, unfortunately, subconsciously, they would prefer you to stay the way you are and the way they are familiar with, because it’s doesn’t require them to change. When you start changing to achieve your goals, you force them to change how they interact with you because you’re not the same person they knew.

Don’t be resolved to fail at your resolutions stack the chips of success in your favor. Use your values to your benefit and achieve all your goals.

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