The most powerful force we face internally is our emotions. It’s these emotions that give us the greatest challenge. Emotions like excitement, anticipation, and joy can motivate us, whereas emotions like fear, doubt, and uncertainty can debilitate us.
Whether motivating and positive or debilitating and negative, emotions are strong, compelling forces that prepare us for action. Positive emotions are helpful supporting us in achieving our goals and negative emotions can be extremely harmful when they start interfering with our goals and desires. Sometimes we know when our own emotions are getting in our way and sometimes we don’t.

For instance, if you have a goal to eat healthy, exercise and lose weight, those negative emotions invariably interfere and send the messages that a chocolate Sundae would really taste good, sleeping in instead of exercising would feel so good and losing weight just really isn’t worth it.

Can you think of other instances in your life that those emotions have gotten in the way of you accomplishing a goal or desire? When your emotions sabotage you and you share that information, aren’t you normally met with the comment referring to your will power (or lack thereof)?

To this you might say, “But I can’t help myself.” Well, guess what, you can help yourself. You have control over your feelings, thoughts, emotions, and actions. So, your emotions don’t have to have a vote in what you do. It will take practice but there are ways to keep your emotions from having a vote in your goals.

Those times that you are aware that your emotions are getting in the way, determine what emotions would be more supportive and choose to feel those emotions.

Bottom line, emotions can be either friend or foe AND you get to choose whether your emotions are your friend.